Construction Update: February 2023

Construction Update: February 2023


First and foremost, we at Northern Lights Fiber would take a moment to address our communications in Wembley. We get excited to share the bright and shiny news, and can leave out some of the muddy stuff. We’ve heard your concerns and will be more aware of how we communicate moving forwards with dedicated monthly construction updates on our blog until the town is completed construction, our initial-sign up notifying customers, drop and installation information, and more. We thank everyone who’s using our services, given us feedback, left us a Facebook comment, or called us directly. We are a group of passionate people who only want to bring good service to the communities we build in. 

We will continue to use our blog for construction updates and in-house articles, but for most day-to-day information and updates, we recommend you follow our Facebook page linked here. With that being said, here is your February construction update!

What’s happening right now 

Our construction team has been hard at work to run the main line connection along 94 Ave / 94 Street, as well as behind 93 Ave on the south end. These are the easiest point of access to branch off into side streets, and other blocks quickly.

To be pro-active, we sent our drop team ahead of mainline construction in order to connect homes faster. This means getting homes ready to “plug in” to our mainline, as soon as construction is complete and we’ve got service running down the line. If you are in our blue zone, you can expect a phone call to either book for your drop installation, followed by home service installation, in the coming weeks!


Next on the chopping block

Although we’ve already laid down thousands of meters of fiber, and spliced an uncountable number of connections, there is still work to do. We’ve set our current construction plans so we can get to homes faster, and get residents on our true symmetrical internet services quickly. You can expect us to come in to the last sections of the East and South East portion of town over the coming weeks. We will continue to plan building drops ahead when we can, with a heads up it’s on the way. As construction continues through these areas we are aiming to get our last homes connected in March/April.



Before the project begins down your alleys, side streets, and the drop comes into your yard, you will see flags begin to pop up all around. This is the first step at installation your drop, and if you’ve registered for services you will be notified when we start this process for your home. These flags are incredibly important as it tells the construction crew where important infrastructure, like gas and electric, is located. If you see these flags, please ensure that you do not touch or remove them from the ground. If a crew is unable to see a flag or the utilities below it could cause serious damage to your utilities or cause harm to the crew! If you would like to let us know about private utilities on your property where we will be building, please call our main line and let our team know. For more information on locates, visit


Installing the drop

This is the easy part! We don’t need access to the home, so no appointment is needed. We will be able to complete this based on our techs availability. Our crew will come by and knock/ring first before getting to work. They will install the conduit from our access point to just outside of your home. They do this by making use of a vibratory plow, to install the fiber cable just beneath the ground. All you’ll see is an orange piece sticking out of the ground ready for us to install the ONT, and your fiber services, indoors. From here we can book a technician to get your service up and running!


It Can Get Messy

Progress is going well with construction, but like all things in our Canadian winters and springs, construction will get a bit messy. Spring construction can be difficult as the ground is still wet and is prone to creating creating plenty of mud. Because we are building buried infrastructure under/in wet ground, progress on our new construction will require a bit of a mess to complete properly. We will always work to remediate as much as we can as we go, but in some cases we need to revisit areas after it’s gotten a little warmer.


We are building underground construction, which means we dig holes and small trenches for the fiber lines to run down! Although we deploy directional drills and vibratory plowing equipment that reduces the amount of soil turned, we still create a small mess. But fear not, we always remediate anything effected by our work and ensure that it will return to its healthiest form in suitable time.  

Our team will wait for our spring sun to thaw the ground so the soil can properly settle. At that point, we set the earth to final grade and plant new seed for your lawn to regrow to its previous health! It is a small price we need to pay to keep construction moving so we can continue to connect homes and businesses as fast as possible!  

How do I sign up!?  

If you would like to register for service now, check out our world-class products and services HERE! (And remember, you will NOT be charged anything until the service officially begins after installation).  

Visit our Sign-Up page or give us a call at 1-888-CFO-2947 (ext 2, for Sales)