A Look Back in Wembley

You’ve seen our 2021 year end review where we tracked back through several months of planning, community events and good times in each of our communities. What we’d like to do now is draw attention to Wembley Specifically, wherein we held the majority of our fun sales events, enjoying all kinds of fun enjoyment. Here’s a few of our favorite moments from last year in wembley.

Morning Coffee and Donuts

Our very first time setting up shop in Wembley, we had some fun doing door to door sales and set up a coffee and doughnuts tent to hang out and chat with our customers in the morning as they headed off to work. It was a blast, we saw lots of interest in our services and got to know so many great folks from town.

Icecream For All

The next, and the far more important event that we were privildeged to attend, was the grand opening of a brand new park in town. Hosted by the parks and recreation department – we enjoyed handing out free icecream and meeting so many families from town!

A Bit of Christmas Spirit

Our favorite event from the entire year has to be the Winter Solstice Light Up Parade. This event was such a blast and we are so thankful that a few members from our team were able to attend and witness the community spirit of Wembley at full stride. It was an incredible time for us to share with the town and a great event to spruce up the holiday spirit. As we look on to 2022, were already looking forward to more of these incredible events and shared experiences with Wembley. There’s more to come from our work in Wembley with many more connections to be made, both in terms of internet and with so many of you who we have yet to meet! Below are a few of our favorite photos from the Light Up Parade, we hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to invite us to participate in an upcoming event in Wembley, let us know by emailing us at Danielle@CanadianFiberOptics.ca!