Lighting Up Wembley

At Northern Lights Fiber, we believe everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet, no matter where they live. We provide fiber internet to residents and businesses in rural communities across Western Canada. We are excited to begin construction on Wembley’s new network on October 18th 2021. High-speed internet service will become available soon thereafter. Sign up early today to get connected as soon as fiber reaches your street!

Northern Lights Fiber is a branch of Canadian Fiber Optics, a telecommunications infrastructure company that designs and constructs fiber networks, provides network maintenance, and delivers high-speed internet in Western Canada. Our mission is to provide superior fiber connectivity to forward-thinking communities and businesses, so they can access the technologies that can help them thrive into the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast is Northern Lights Fiber’s internet service in Wembley?

Fiber-based internet is the fastest and most reliable internet available in the area. We offer speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. Visit our Products & Pricing page to learn more.

What are the advantages of fiber-based internet?

A fiber-optic network provides the fastest and most secure internet possible. Education, business, entertainment, home security, and more can benefit from a secure, reliable fiber network. With a fast, fiber-based internet connection, you could enjoy… 

  • Better experiences with remote work and at-home learning
  • Faster upload and download speeds 
  • Smoother streaming (without waiting for videos to buffer)
  • Increased security with the latest home security systems
  • Access to the latest smart technologies for healthcare, home automation, and more
  • The ability to use multiple online devices simultaneously
  • And more!

What other products are offered by Northern Lights Fiber?

In addition to fast, reliable internet service, we offer WiFi Mesh, network security software and parental controls to further improve your online experience. Visit our Products & Pricing page to learn more.

How is Northern Lights Fiber different from other internet service providers?

For one thing, we know that rural communities are underserved, so we focus on connecting rural Canada first and foremost. 

You’ll also enjoy faster, more reliable connections on our network. That’s because we use the latest and greatest technology, like WiFi 6, to ensure a smooth experience, even when you have multiple devices connected at the same time. 

Plus, we’re committed to using only Canadian and North American vendors to provide a high-quality connection you can trust.

Do I have access to this high-speed, fiber-based internet in my home or office?

If you live or work anywhere in Wembley town limits, head over to the products and pricing page to sign up today to get connected as soon as possible! Construction has begun as of October 18th and will carry on to the holiday season!

How much does fiber-based internet service cost?

Northern Lights Fiber is committed to making premier technologies and high-speed internet accessible for rural communities like Wembley. Check out our Products & Pricing page to learn more about our pricing.

Where can I find Access Agreements and other documents that I need?

We’ve created a Community Bulletin post with easy links to Access Agreements and other relevant documents. Just click here to go straight to that post.

How will Northern Lights Fiber improve my experience with connectivity?

Our network is built using cutting edge hardware everywhere from what we put in the ground, to what we install in your home. Our network allows us the efficiency and capability to provide symmetrical upload and download speeds (fast no matter what you do online) and unlimited data usage, so you never have to budget your usage again. These key features allow you to enjoy your internet freely and with absolutely minimal buffering and waiting. Sign up for pre-sale to receive free installation on your services!