Construction Update: Project Complete!

Construction Update: Project Complete!

Progress so far 

Our construction is officially completed! The middle mile crews, splicing, and last bits of remediation have been fully finished in Wembley. Now every resident and business in town is able to get connected to a world class fiber optic internet service! We appreciate the patience of Wembley residents through the completion of this project, and are excited to get you connected! You will still see our drop crews in town as residents connect their homes to fiber infrastructure, but the main work is all wrapped up!


If you’ve already registered for services, hold tight! We will be completing the drop to your home if it hasn’t been already, and calling you too book an installation as soon as we can! 


If you haven’t signed up yet, that’s okay! We will still be completing our drops (bringing fiber directly to your home) as services in town are ordered, to get all future customers connected too!


As the ground finishes settling the crews will finish up the remediation efforts. We will use ground fill, topped off with soil and grass seed, to remediate any final pieces of construction in town and leave Wembley in it’s previous condition. There are partially remediated areas still settling out, but they will be tended to as soon as possible!

Free Installation

As a thank you to Wembley and the patience of the residents, we will be extending our Free Installation offer! We will officially announce on our Facebook page (well in advance!) when we will be removing this offer. Until then, enjoy $150 of savings when you sign up for any of our high speed internet services with Northern Lights Fiber!

How do I sign up!?  

If you would like to register for service now, check out our world-class products and services HERE! (And remember, you will NOT be charged anything until the service officially begins after installation).  

Visit our Sign-Up page or give us a call at 1-888-CFO-2947 (ext 2, for Sales)